Back TO Italy


After two successful editions of “BACK FROM ITALY” developed in collaboration with AACUPI in partnership with the Italian Embassy in Washington DC, with eleven participating North American universities in 2017 and sixteen in 2019, we are pleased to announce a new chapter of this initiative. BFI is affected by the consequences of the Covid‐19 pandemic and the diminished activity of many North American architectural programs in Italy in 2020. Therefore, we imagined a slightly different appearance for the third chapter of this project while optimistically working on the fourth edition that will hopefully take place in person in the US, again, in 2022.

We had already envisioned new and additional features for the third edition of ‘Back from Italy,’ initially scheduled for spring 2021, such as special guest interviews, video projections, interactive and virtual events, but we did not expect that these same means could be so useful in keeping us connected in such challenging times as the ones we are living in now. Waiting for the restart of in‐person courses, we decided to offer a new chapter within BFI for 2021, named “Back TO Italy.” This episode of our activity focuses on investigating and enhancing the value of architecture studies in Italy “on site,” to keep alive the interest in in‐person education in our country.